Curated by Sarah Andelman, JUST AN IDEA BOOKS launched in April 2021 with five titles representing an array of independent talents: Sho Shibuya, Nicole McLaughlin, Douglas Coupland, Louis-Géraud Castor and Eric Ng. December 2021, a second series follows up with seven more creative minds: Brad Hall, Dude with Sign, Edward Bess, Matt Mccormick, Nick Newbold, Pelle Cass and Sean Wotherspoon.

The third series of JUST AN IDEA BOOKS returns with a new lineup of realness, rawness, escapism and cultural resonance. This selection brings together five creators who have developed richly textured, visual stories from a unique passion. Whether through artistic imagination or their interpretations of the world, their eye for the extra-ordinary comes into focus.

Each book delivers a high dose of wonder. Across the series is a constellation of diverse minds subverting the familiar in ways dreamy and dramatic, humorous and sensitive. An irreverent statement here, an alternate reality there. A sense that everyone is just a tad obsessed – certainly enthusiastic – about their pursuits and collections. And links are forming, too: some forewords have been written by previous creators, inspirations and admirations loop around. Ideas give way to more ideas.

JUST AN IDEA BOOKS exists as material objects, and we tend to miss this experience with the omnipresence of screens. With more books to follow, they can be collected, or enjoyed individually. With a layout system designed by Yorgo Tloupas, every book will follow the same format. They are printed Offset in France, on FSC® certified paper, and limited to an edition of 400 copies. They're available here and a limited selection of stockists worldwide.

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